Rudell the Jewellers has long been synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Known for their extensive collection of fine jewellery and unique gifts, Rudell the Jewellers is committed to offering products that stand out for their beauty and innovation. One such product that epitomizes this commitment is the MOVA Globe.


What are MOVA Globes?
MOVA Globes are a mesmerizing blend of science and art. These innovative globes rotate continuously using ambient light and the Earth's magnetic field, eliminating the need for batteries or cords. The seamless, silent rotation of MOVA Globes makes them not only a beautiful decorative piece but also a marvel of modern technology.


The Science Behind the Beauty

Solar Cells and Magnetic Field

The magic behind MOVA Globes lies in their sophisticated technology. Solar cells embedded within the globe harness ambient light, while the Earth's magnetic field provides the torque needed for rotation. This ingenious combination allows MOVA Globes to spin indefinitely, creating a captivating display of motion.

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MOVA Globes are not only technologically advanced but also environmentally friendly. Their use of solar power eliminates the need for batteries, reducing pollutants and contributing to a more sustainable planet. This eco-friendly aspect makes MOVA Globes a responsible choice for environmentally conscious consumers.


Comparison with Traditional Globes

Unlike traditional globes that require manual rotation or external power sources, MOVA Globes offer the unique advantage of perpetual motion powered by natural light. Their silent operation and elegant design make them a superior alternative to conventional globes, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.


Artistry in Motion


Design and Craftsmanship

Each MOVA Globe is a testament to meticulous design and craftsmanship. From the detailed mapping to the flawless finish, every aspect of these globes is carefully crafted to ensure aesthetic perfection. The artistry involved in creating MOVA Globes is evident in their intricate details and stunning visual appeal.


Variety of Models

MOVA Globes come in a diverse range of models, each offering a unique perspective of our world and beyond. Whether you prefer a classic world map, a celestial globe, or a thematic design, there is a MOVA Globe to suit every taste and décor style.


Model 1:



Model 2:



Model 3:




One of the most appealing aspects of MOVA Globes is their timeless nature. Unlike traditional fashion trends, which can quickly become outdated, MOVA Globes maintain their allure year after year. Their classic designs and perpetual motion make them a lasting addition to any collection.


Historical Background and Development

The story of MOVA Globes began with a vision to combine science and art in a way that had never been done before. Over the years, the technology and design of MOVA Globes have evolved, resulting in the exceptional products we see today. Understanding this history adds another layer of appreciation for these remarkable creations.


Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Sophisticated Gift Option

MOVA Globes make a sophisticated gift choice for a variety of occasions. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or corporate event, these elegant globes are sure to impress. Their unique blend of beauty and technology makes them a thoughtful and memorable gift.


MOVA Globes at Rudell the Jewellers


Exclusive Editions

Rudell the Jewellers is proud to offer exclusive editions of MOVA Globes. These special models feature unique designs and limited availability, making them a prized addition to any collection.


Standard Models

Rudell the Jewellers also offers a range of standard MOVA Globes that are equally captivating. These models showcase the same high-quality craftsmanship and innovative technology that MOVA Globes are known for.


Unique Features

Each MOVA Globe available at Rudell the Jewellers boasts unique features that set it apart. From detailed geographic maps to artistic interpretations, these globes offer something for everyone. Exploring these features encourages readers to discover the perfect MOVA Globe for their home or office.


Maintenance and Care Tips

To ensure your MOVA Globe remains in pristine condition, it's important to follow proper maintenance and care instructions. Keep the globe clean and free from dust, and avoid placing it in direct sunlight for extended periods. If you encounter any issues, simple troubleshooting tips can help resolve common problems and keep your globe rotating smoothly.


A Few of Our Favourites

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MOVA Globes represent a captivating blend of science and art. Their unique technology, stunning design, and environmental sustainability make them a truly exceptional product. We encourage you to visit Rudell the Jewellers’ website or physical store to explore the wide range of MOVA Globes available. Discover the perfect globe to enhance your space and experience the beauty of perpetual motion.

Consult with our expert team for personalized advice and recommendations. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find the perfect MOVA Globe for any occasion.



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