Millions of years ago, long before dinosaurs roamed the earth, mother nature had created and deposited ‘hidden treasures’ deep below the earth’s surface. These treasures lay undisturbed and undiscovered - just waiting for the right time to make their appearance and be admired and adored all over the world. Under the most amazing conditions, carbon particles were transformed into the most desirable of all gemstones - the diamond!


Diamonds have formed an integral part of a lady’s jewellery collection for centuries and demand is stronger today than ever before. Diamonds are a symbol of love, success, achievement, courage and wealth. They mark an engagement, anniversary, birthday, or milestone which is worthy of celebration.


Skye Pear Engagement Ring 0.18ct

Skye Pear Engagement Ring 0.18ct available here.


Diamond is the hardest mineral on the planet and is the ideal gemstone for wearing every day. A diamond can be cut into many different shapes including the Pear, Heart, Square and Oval but the most desirable is the round. Known to all of us as the modern round brilliant cut, this shape unlocks the natural beauty of a diamond and returns the maximum amount of brilliance and fire.


Darcy Engagement Ring 0.35ct

Darcy Engagement Ring 0.35ct available here.


Marcel Tolkowsky is widely recognised as ‘the father’ of the modern brilliant cut. Tolkowsky derived, from mathematical calculations that considered both brilliance and fire, that if a diamond was cut too deep or shallow then light would escape out the sides or the bottom of the diamond resulting in a loss of beauty and sparkle.


When choosing a diamond ring or another piece of jewellery, consider the style of the setting. The more open the setting, the more light can enter the diamond and really boost its shine and glamour. After all, who doesn’t love a sparkly diamond.


To keep your diamonds shining bright, remember to clean them often. Use warm water, a drop or two of a cleaning agent (washing up liquid is fine) and pop your diamonds in for a soak. Use an old toothbrush to really loosen any buildup of hand cream, soap, make-up etc, rinse it off in clean water and dry thoroughly with kitchen paper. If you want to skip the maintenance, come and visit us in our Wolverhampton or Harborne stores, or alternatively take a look at our cleaning service online here.


A clean diamond is a sparkly diamond which will shine bright for many years to come!