Antonini Milano

  1. Statement Italian Beauty from Antonini Milano at Rudells Wolverhampton

    When it comes to statement jewellery, Antonini Milano draws inspiration from the fashion capital of the world to craft exquisite pendants, earrings, rings, and bangles that instantly make an impact.

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  2. Celebrating Italian Style with Antonini Milano

    Antonini Milano celebrates Italian style and beauty within each of its jewellery collections. The quality and excellence stems from the company’s birthplace, Milan, and its unparalleled passion for fashion and design. With over 100 years of history, inspiration is drawn heavily from Italian culture and architecture, and this is showcased exquisitely in each piece in the forms of abstract and structural shapes.

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  3. Jewellery From the Heart of Milan - Discover Antonini Milano at Rudell The Jewellers

    In 1919, the Maison Antonini was born in Milan, the capital of fashion and design. The excellence and extreme quality of Antonini’s collections are rooted deep in the company’s birthplace, the old jewellery district in Medieval Milan.

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