There are quite a few technology and gadget fans within the ranks at Rudells, and we were all amazed by the technology when we first saw the fabulous collection of globes from Mova Globes, which are now available at our Wolverhampton and Harborne showrooms.


How do Mova Globes work?


The first question we all asked ourselves was “how do they work” and the response from the manufacturer was incredibly interesting. Simply, each globe has a transparent outer shell made from carefully selected, high-quality acrylic. This external layer remains stationary while an internal one spins using advanced magnets and the earth’s magnetic field for torque, and solar cells to power the movement.


The soothing rotation of a Mova globe becomes the focal point to any room. The globe appears to float in ‘thin air’ as they sit on a clear acrylic base. As the globe receives its power from indoor ambient light there are no wires or cords to hide or disguise.


Mova Globes are available in three distinct sizes. From the standard 4.5-inch, detailed 6-inch, and the larger 8.5-inch. To put things into perspective, you can compare our 4.5-inch to a cantaloupe, 6-inch to a honeydew, and 8.5-inch to a watermelon. So there really is a perfect size for your lounge, study or office.


There are many designs available based on both the earth and space. One of our particular favourites is the 8-inch Earth with clouds globe, however we also really like the 4.5-inch Venus globe. See both of these below:




MOVA Globes - Earth with Clouds Globe 8.5 inches

Earth with Clouds Mova Globe 8.5 inches available here.

MOVA Globes - Venus Globe 4.5 inches

Venus Mova Globe 4.5 inches available here.



How much do Mova Globes cost?


Because there are 3 sizes, there’s a Mova globe to suit everyone. The 4.5-inch versions start at £185.00, the 6-inch from £285.00 and the mightily impressive 8.5-inch from £495.00. All Mova Globes come with a 12-month limited warranty, and if your globe develops a fault within 12 months of purchase then it will be replaced by the manufacturer.


So, if you’re looking for a special and unusual gift, the entire Rudells team highly recommend Mova Globes - check out our range of globes here and prepare to be amazed!