Monthly Archives: March 2016

  1. Diamonds you'll love forever in Harborne

    Whatever your reason for purchasing a diamond ring, Rudell the Jewellers has a stunning collection of exquisite pieces, all designed to make a statement.

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  2. Rudells Diamond Raffle

    Picture this: 7.30pm on a Saturday night, watching Knight Rider in your favourite shell suit with your hair permed, still trying to figure out the Rubix Cube... Can you guess which era we are talking about? It can only be the 80's! Not only were the team at Rudells jigging to Human League whilst wearing shoulder pads and leg warmers (only acceptable in the 80's may we add), in 1986 they were preparing for the opening of their brand new premises in Harborne, Birmingham.

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  3. On Your Bike!

    Paris! The city of Love. A place where tourists worldwide flit to capture the beautiful landmarks, taste the exquisite cuisine and experience the Parisian way of life. However, this May you'll see not only the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe but you'll also witness two Brummies' on bikes, in perhaps some very tight lycra!

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